Week 4 Day 1

CrossFit Montgomery – CF

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Wrist stretch, 1:00

Banded Front Rack Stretch, 1-2 min per side


750m Row, increase speed every 150m


8-6-4-2 (add weight each round, starting with an empty bar)

Clean deadlift

clean from low hang

clean from high hang


Squat Clean (3 reps every 2:30 for 20:00)

70% if 1 rep


20 rounds

:40 Row

Rest :20

R1-4: 20-24spm

R5-8: 26-30spm

R9-12: Open

R13-16: 26-30spm

R17-20: 20-24spm

C2 Bike:

R1-4: 70-80 RPMs

R5-8: 80-90 RPMs

R9-12: 90+ RPMs

R13-16: 80-90 RPMs

R17-20: 70-80 RPMs

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