What is CrossFit?

Increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains. In other words, being good at all things. Not sacrificing one aspect of fitness in pursuit of another. And getting better each and every day. In pursuit of this goal we combine all of the following methods, not randomly, but with an intelligent plan to continually improve your general fitness.


Lift barbells, kettlebells, and other heavy objects. Lifting weights, not using machines, is the most effective way to gain and maintain healthy lean muscle mass and build strong healthy bones and joints.


Develop coordination, flexibility, and coordination by learning how to move your body through space. Learn and build capacity with simple body weight movements and safely progress to advanced gymnastics movements.


Running, rowing, biking, jumping rope. Simple and sustainable activity will build aerobic capacity and stamina to prepare you for performance over longer tests of fitness and help speed recovery from short intensity efforts.


Learn how to eat to achieve optimal fitness, healthy, and well being. Learn what foods and what ratios of fat, protein, and carbohydrates will help you lose weight, gain healthy muscle mass, and perform to the best of your abilities. Let food be your medicine and prescription for a long healthy life.


Restore full natural range of motion and address years of neglect and abuse of your body caused by modern living. Undo the tightness and limited range of motion that over time causes degeneration of joints and body tissue to reduce pain and increase quality of life.

 Our Story

Our Story

At CrossFit Montgomery, we believe CrossFit and functional fitness has the potential to benefit everyone—from the elite athlete to the individual concerned about their overall health and well being. However you choose to measure your fitness goals—whether it’s flexibility, endurance, strength, speed, stamina, power, coordination, balance, agility, or accuracy—our workout programs will deliver results safely and effectively.

Your Coaches

coach [noun]: a person who teaches and trains an athlete

Athlete Testimonials

Some of the many that have changed their lives by joining CrossFit Montgomery

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  • WEEK 3, DAY 5

    CrossFit Montgomery – CF View Public Whiteboard Warm-up 20 Shoulder Swimmers Then, 2 Rounds* 6 Push Ups w/a twist 12/10 Calorie Row *Get faster on the rower each round Strength/Skill Rope C+limb Skill 1×3 Seated Footlock 1×3 Seated Footlock+stand then, 1-3 rope climbs Conditioning Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) AMRAP 27 Minutes, alternating full […]

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    WEEK 3, DAY 4

    CrossFit Montgomery – CF View Public Whiteboard Warm-up Run 400m 20 Duck Walk Steps 20 Scap Pull Ups 20 Empty Bar Thrusters Strength/Skill Bar Muscle Up Skill Day 2×3 Big BMU kips, as singles 2×3 Bib Kips + Knees Up EMOM 5 Minutes 1-3 Perfect BMU Conditioning Metcon (Time) 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Thrusters 95/65lbs 8-7-6-5-4-3-2 Bar Muscle […]

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  • WEEK 3, DAY 2

    CrossFit Montgomery – CF View Public Whiteboard Warm-up 2 Rounds 15/10 Calorie Row 10 KB Swings 5 Strict Pull Up Negatives (5 Count negative) Then, 20 Leg Swings per side, front to back and accross the body Then, 3 Sled Sprints, increasing intensity on each Strength/Skill Deadlift (6/5/4/2/1) 1×6 @ 62.5% 1×5 @ 72.5% 1×4 […]

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    WEEK 3, DAY 1

    CrossFit Montgomery – CF View Public Whiteboard Warm-up 4:00 Machine of Choice :30 Easy, :20 Moderate, :10 Hard Then 20 Goblet Squats 15 Kettlebell Swings 10 Cossack Squats Strength/Skill Back Squat (3-3-3-3-3) Start around 75% and add weight each set. If it feels good, go for a new 3RM. Metcon 1000m Row (Time) Max Effort […]

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  • WEEK 2, DAY 5

    CrossFit Montgomery – CF View Public Whiteboard Warm-up 2:00 of Double Under/Triple Practice Then, 10 Empty Bar Good Mornings 8 Tempo Pust Ups (3-count to the bottom) 20 Unbroken Wallballs 8 Tempo Push Ups (3-count to the bottom) 10 Empty Bar Front Squats Strength/Skill Front Squat (2 Front Squats) Every :90 until failure Begin at […]

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    WEEK 2, DAY 4

    CrossFit Montgomery – CF View Public Whiteboard Warm-up 2:00 Floss/Mash Calvers (per side) Then, 200m Run 15 Burpees 20 A-Frame Toe Touches Conditioning Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) In Teams of 2 AMRAP 35 Minutes: 1000m Run 5:00 Row for Calories 1000m Run 5:00 Double Unders (10 DUs = 1 Calorie) 1000m Run 5:00 Burpees (1 […]

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  • WEEK 2, DAY 3

    CrossFit Montgomery – CF View Public Whiteboard Warm-up 1:30 Pec Smash, per side Then, 3 Rounds: 10 Box Jumps, Step Down 8 Seated DB Strict Presses 6 Renegade Rows Strength/Skill Strict Pullup Strict Pullup (12/12/12/12) Every 3 Minutes for 12 Minutes perform 12 strict Pull Ups (48 is the max score) Conditioning Metcon (AMRAP – […]

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    WEEK 2, DAY 2

    CrossFit Montgomery – CF View Public Whiteboard Warm-up 2:00 Hamstring Mash, per side Then, 10 Single Leg RDLs/side Then, AMRAP 4 Minutes Row 300m (moderate pace) 8 Inch Worms Max Burpees in remaining time Strength/Skill Deadlift (6/5/4/2/1) 1×6 @ 60% 1×5 @ 70% 1×4 @ 80% 1×2 @ 85% 1×1 @ 85-90% Reps are touch […]

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  • WEEK 2, DAY 1

    CrossFit Montgomery – CF View Public Whiteboard Warm-up 15 Pause PVC OHS (3-count pause in bottom) Then, 2 Rounds 200m Run 8 Push Ups 8 Ring Rows 8 Emty Bax OHS Strength/Skill Every 2:00 for 14:00 (7 sets) 2 Temp Pull Squat Snatches Drop and Reset between reps Start around 60% and add weight if […]

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    Week 1, Day 6 (Partner)

    CrossFit Montgomery – CF View Public Whiteboard WOD

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