Cas Benavidez (pictured above; testimonial below)

Clay Fuller (August 2012)

I’m a former college athlete and I was pretty complacent in my workout routine, and looking for a challenge. I really found it at CrossFit Montgomery. The great thing about CrossFit Montgomery is that no matter what fitness level you are, you will be challenged. David and Jennie have fashioned a gym where everyone will feel comfortable.

I have belonged to a number of gyms over the years, and what David and Jennie have created is something special. It is a well-run gym that has a small town community feel to it. Now that I’ve moved on to DC, the thing that I miss most about Montgomery is CrossFit Montgomery.

I doubt that I’ll ever find better people and a better gym.

Coach Nate Naidas (June 2012)

I joined Crossfit Montgomery even before I physically stepped foot inside the gym. I knew that I was going to be living in Montgomery for a year and wanted to find a box where I could continue coaching and pursuing my own training goals. So before I moved to Montgomery, I emailed David to find out more about the gym. He immediately welcomed me to the Boneyard family and looked forward to working with me. I knew from that point that I had found my new Crossfit home.

Crossfit Montgomery certainly sets the standard for wanting to improve your performance and technique by offering several programs. Their Endurance program not only focuses on efficient running technique, but also encourages the Endurance Team to race together in several local road and adventure races. Not to mention the Endurance program gets results with Endurance Team members typically having podium finishes either in overall standings or in their respective age groups. Their Strength program has also helped me overcome plateaus I’ve been stuck at for the longest time. While their Olympic Lifting program has further refined my technique allowing me to PR like never before in my Olympic lifts. Being a part of the Competition Team also exposed me to WODs you normally don’t see in the daily WODs since they are meant to improve your competition performance. All of these programs make the Boneyard truly unique in their desire to improve your performance no matter what athletic endeavors you choose.

But these programs aren’t really what make the Boneyard so great. Crossfit Montgomery = Family. From the moment I walked into Crossfit Montgomery I was treated as if I was part of the Boneyard family all along. Everyone seemed to go out of their way to introduce themselves and make me feel welcome. Crossfit Montgomery does an outstanding job promoting the community aspect of Crossfit. They encourage participation in several events outside the box just to hang out with each other. Halloween parties, Christmas parties, birthday parties, Going Away parties, etc. the Boneyard family definitely sets the standard of making everyone feel welcome and at home.

I would like to thank all the members of the Boneyard for allowing me the opportunity to train with you and become part of your lives. You’ve shown me there is an endless supply of determination and heart. I will truly miss my Boneyard family. If I had tear ducts, I would cry.

Cas Benavidez (June 2012)

I just wanted to thank you and the other coaches (Nate, Greg, Mike, Cody and Britt) for helping me get healthier. Before I came to Crossfit Montgomery, all I did was run. I was running 5 mi every day and up to 10 on the weekends, with no results to show for it. When I came to Crossfit Montgomery I was out of shape and on medication for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I knew I had to do something. So I joined Crossfit Montgomery. You guys worked with me so I could get stronger and more fit. I never thought I could lift the weight I do now. I am also off the high blood pressure and high cholesterol meds. I wish I could express for you guys what you really mean to me, but everytime I try to, I choke up. Instead, I am including some before and after pics (front photo | side photo) so you can see how much progress I’ve made at the Boneyard. I know I still have a lot of work to do, but today I feel healthier, happier, and more full of energy than I have in a very long time. Thank you guys for helping me get healthy again.

Craig Lane (June 2012)

I started at CFM with the foundations class this past January following my return from Iraq. I didn’t want to “lose the gains” in terms of my level of fitness and weight loss. I’d been running and working out daily while deployed. I had lost 30 lbs and my run times were improving significantly, but I was still not where I wanted to be or thought I could/should be physically. I’d been exposed to CF before, but not in-depth. Six months later, my first full week away from CFM, and my first full week in a new box, I’ve had time to look back and reflect on my initial Crossfit experience with CFM.

From the very first minute I stepped foot in the Boneyard, I was welcomed with open arms by the staff and the other members. It’s a close-knit group, full of diverse folks of all ages and at all levels of fitness. David, Jennie, and the rest of the staff made it a point to do their absolute best to accommodate everyone. They always succeeded. As a result, the environment was always safe, energetic, encouraging, and attuned to the needs of everyone working out. While the “work” is designed to take you outside of your comfort zone, the positive environment always kept me comfortable. I believe the other members of CFM would agree. Despite the grunts, moans, grimaces, and sweat, it was always fun. Now that I have a basis for comparison, I miss everything about the Boneyard. What I’ve learned in the past 6 months and left with is priceless. I learned it’s okay to cry, but it’s not okay to quit; I learned what “right” should be and look like, and that even the most elite Crossfitters have something to work on; every WOD is an accomplishment and a success, no matter how little the weight or time it takes; the first week of Paleo sucks, but after a strict month of it, you miss it when you don’t have it. I left with my gains intact and then some. I’m the lightest I’ve been in well over a decade and maintaining. I can fit in a waist size I haven’t fit in in as long. I have muscle definition in places I’ve never seen it. The most important thing I left with is a desire to continue to improve….I wouldn’t have that if it not for my experiences at the Boneyard and the awesome people I got to meet, work with, and have them push me. The folks in that box are an inspiration. There really aren’t words to appropriately describe how great CFM is, but anyone who has spent time there and then had to move on to a new box and CF experience……I guarantee they know and understand. I never thought I’d find myself thinking “I miss Nate and/or Greg C. making us do the inch worm or that damn crab walk” or “I wish I had a superfriend here”. During last night’s WOD here in Vegas, I heard Jennie’s voice in my ear no-repping me on wallballs… I did a few extra and got lower. Thanks Jennie and David, and the entire Boneyard crew (coaches and WOD-killers) for a great 6 months.

Mark Dmytryszyn (June 2012)

When I joined CrossFit Montgomery (a.k.a. The Boneyard), I did so with the purpose of increasing sports performance…at least that is what I told others and myself on the first day of Foundations. I knew I was in decent shape, and could afford to lose a few pounds, but I wasn’t that bad – was I? Well it only took six minutes for humility to set in. That day’s workout was only a six minute AMRAP (as many repetitions/rounds as possible) of body-weight rows (5x), pushups (10x), and air squats (10x). I was in the military, so this should be easy. WRONG! I only got into the seventh round, and to do so had to perform “modified” (on knees) pushups. That alone was motivation enough to return and complete Foundations. It wasn’t long after that I fell into a groove, going every morning, and getting a little better every time. After nearly a year with David, Jennie, and the outstanding coaches at The Boneyard, I can do multiple strict pull-ups, can climb the rope, and have more strength, endurance, and energy than ever before. And while the physical gains and recommitment to fitness are appreciated (I had to buy new suit coats 2 sizes larger to fit my back and shoulders while having handfuls of material removed from the waist), it is the friendships that I’ve made that are of greatest value. For me, David and Jennie have found the right mix of motivation, energy, challenge, fun, and camaraderie. If I ever return to the Montgomery/Maxwell AFB area, I will definitely return to The Boneyard.

PULL! LEAN! Though there is so much more to the Endurance program than those two words, they tend to be your focus. I joined the Endurance program to improve my USAF PT test run time, and I did…by 45 seconds. What I found is that not only did my running improve (I set a 5k PR after a few months in the program – took 2.5 minutes of my previous PR), but my general cardiovascular capacity and stamina did as well. Crudely put, I had more gas in the tank for daily WODs. While that was not the primary intent of joining the program (a.k.a. “the program”), it was a welcomed reward. If you want to improve your running, at any distance, or improve your daily WOD capacity, take a look at the Endurance program. It has served me well and will continue to do so.

Jobie Turner, LtCol USAF AFRC SAASS/AY12 (June 2012)

I’d always exercised before joining Crossfit Montgomery last July. I’d always done reasonably well on USAF PT tests – and in fact was a fairly decent runner in my younger days.

The problem with all that working out is that it was not efficient. Sure I could bench press a decent amount and could squat OK, but my form was awful. Same for my running, I could knock out a 5K or the occasional 10K without too much soreness or hurt the next day, but I was pounding the Earth.

After enrolling in Crossfit Montgomery, the coaches David, Greg, Nate, and Britt changed all that. First off, the Boneyard focuses on form over heavy weight, because in a paradoxical way, better form = higher weight. In addition, the Crossfit Endurance program reworked my stride – now I’m using my hamstrings to run (think big muscles) instead of my hip flexors to run (think small muscles). This all leads to more efficiency and more strength and greater weight loss.

For you USAF types – I cut my best run time from 11:26 to 10:41. I also dropped 3.5 inches off my waist. This led to a PR of 96 on the PT test from a previous high of 90.5.

I reached a personal goal of climbing the rope two stories up to the top of the gym! Crossfit coaches actually taught the rope climb as a skill and worked us up to being able to climb to the top. Even in college I couldn’t do that. On top of that I won my age group in a 5K race and placed in the top 5 in another 5K race.

The combination of Crossfit and Endurance at the Boneyard is a sure way to stay healthy, work efficiently, and get in the best shape of your life. Most importantly, you won’t spend 2 hours a day in the gym. Even the longest workouts take under an hour with warm-up and cool down included. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym – just quality minutes. Sometimes a 5 minute As-Many-Reps-As-Possible workout, just using your body weight is all you do! Deceptively simple and not easy.

When I first started I was intimidated by the Olympic Lifting – now I realize that this type of workout is the best and most efficient way to stay in shape. The coaches will make sure you are warmed up properly and that you do the movement properly.

For those of you only here a year at ACSC, SAASS, or AWC, I highly recommend joining. It will be a small investment in time and money with a huge benefit – get some balance back in your life after your office jobs, high ops tempo, squadron command billets, and deployments. This is the place!

LCDR Larry Robinson, ACSC AY12 (May 2012)

It is with great sadness that I write this for it means my time in Montgomery is coming to an end I have to find new Crossfit gym. This testimonial is for the Crossfit philosophy and specifically the ethos of the Crossfit Montgomery, a.k.a. “The Boneyard” gym. At the encouragement of friends I joined Crossfit with some very specific goals in mind. Being a 47-year old skier and cyclist I was motivated in increasing my conditioning so as to reduce the potential of injury as I get older. (It pains me to even admit to getting older!) The Crossfit philosophy of whole body strengthening via cross functional movements combined with flexibility training has been a perfect fit for my goals. After six months of Crossfit training I have noted a substantial improvement in my cycling, in leg strength for climbing and most surprisingly the elimination of lower back pain from being in the saddle for hours. As an example: I did a century ride (100 miles) a month ago with absolutely no back pain. Having been a cyclist for 20 years this was the first time that I have experienced no back pain on a long ride. I attribute this to the focus on core strengthening that Crossfit emphasizes combined with overall mobility training. As for skiing I can’t wait to get on my telemark ski’s this upcoming winter after all the squats and burpees I’ve done!

Over the years I’ve been a member of many different gyms and almost all have the same shortcoming, whoever is the trainer believes everyone wants to emulate them and therefore has a one-size-fits-all approach. In other words, the trainer mirrors their goals onto whoever they are training. Thankfully the ethos of The Boneyard is much different. I’ve found all the coaches to be very accommodating of each individual and what the individual wants to get out of the training. Admittedly I had some initial misgivings about the emphasis on Olympic weight movements used for core strengthening. The last thing I wanted was to facilitate the very thing I am trying to avoid – injury. Under the guidance of the owners, David and Jennie, all the coaches at The Boneyard are sticklers about insuring that the movements are done with the correct technique. On more than one occasion I was coached on checking my ego, reducing the weight I was lifting, thereby allowing me to focus on the correct technique. A true coach knows when to push and when not to and I have found all The Boneyard coaches able to achieve this balance.

In summary, it is a pleasure in reflecting on the gains I have made at The Boneyard, the coaching I have received, and the friends that I have made. I’ll miss you all.

Mary King (May 2012)

I joined The Boneyard family in Oct 2011 and am very appreciative of all that I have learned from the coaches and members at Crossfit Montgomery. From day 1, everyone has been very welcoming and encouraging every time I am at the gym. My previous gym experience was ad hoc with no real structure and I viewed Crossfit as a fad. Once I was encouraged to give Crossfit a try by fellow classmates I cannot go back to my previous unstructured workouts. I have noticed increased strength and feel comfortable doing olympic lifting movements that I would never attempt on my own. The Boneyard also offers Crossfit Endurance classes that have improved my running times and helped me to run more efficiently. Overall I have noticed an increase in my physical fitness regime and fitness levels.

The location is very convenient to Maxwell AFB. In addition the class times are diverse and convenient for either catching a session before having to go in to work or catching a class after work I love it that whatever class session I attend, the coaches and fellow classmates are very supportive and go out of their way to make you feel a part of the family.

I know this is my first Crossfit gym but The Boneyard (David, Jennie, the coaches and members) has set the bar very high for any other Crossfit gym that I join in the future.

Malissa Valdes-Hubert (March 2012)

I’m one of those people with a lot of confidence in my head that never really showed through in any sort of athletic performance. I worked out for years but never really ran that far or lifted that much; never did a pullup or a real pushup. After one year of CrossFit with the awesome people at CrossFit Montgomery, I can finally say to myself that I have real confidence in my ability to work hard, run faster and endure what I thought I could not. I can now lift more weight, more efficiently and do the movements that are essential to keeping my body strong and young. Thank you CrossFit!

Dawn Ellis (September 2011)

When I first heard of the concept of CrossFit, I thought it was completely impossible for me to ever do what “they” were doing. After meeting with David and Jennie, I felt like I was home. There was a willingness to work with me as I was and to work up from there. Foundations was intense (as is all the workouts) but our group bonded like family and together, we could conquer anything. The comradery at the gym is like no other I’ve ever experienced. The trainers are willing to scale the workouts to meet your needs (injury, inability, etc.) while still pushing you to your limits. Thank you David, Jennie and the rest of the coaches for your willingness to accept me, work with me, push me to a healthier lifestyle (all while I’m striving to leave my ego at the door). 🙂

Monte Fletcher (July 2011)

From the first time I met Jennie and David I knew had I had made a great choice in joining CrossFit Montgomery. I had been doing CrossFit for about a year on and off by following the CrossFit site and felt I was in pretty good shape. However, I learned very quickly that I was sorely mistaken. Joining CrossFit Montgomery (which is the first gym I’ve joined since being in the service) has been a life changing experience.

David and Jennie both asked me what my goals were, which consisted of achieving better running times, being able to do handstand pushups, lifting heavier weight, and becoming better at pull-ups. Knowing that both of them along with Britt and Cody were CrossFit certified, I knew they would help me reach my goals.

Once I completed foundations I started my CrossFit adventures to include recovering from ACL reconstructive surgery. Having the opportunity to workout in an environment where encouragement was constant and camaraderie flourished was and continues to be fantastic! CrossFit is a fantastic program and CrossFit Montgomery is a great gym thanks to David, Jennie, Britt and Cody.

David “Z” Zimmerman, ACSC AY11 (July 2011)

Dave and Jennie, the owners of CrossFit Montgomery, welcomed me in Aug ’10 when I showed up in Montgomery for Air Command and Staff College. I stepped into their gym (The Boneyard) one evening to get more information and ask questions and was subsequently invited to join them and their friends at a wonderful local restaurant for dinner. This is the way they treat everyone that comes into the gym…they are serious about helping everyone achieve their fitness goals while also maintaining a very friendly, social environment inside and outside of the gym. I achieved my goal of improving my physical fitness score while gaining weight through muscle. I gained 10 pounds of muscle while improving my PT score by 5 points (92-97). The 1.5mi run was the largest improvement, improving from a 10:20 to a 9:35 in less than a few months. I have the confidence I will be able to meet my next goal of running a marathon in October. Although my new assignment takes me away from CrossFit Montgomery, I still intend to use CrossFit as part of my marathon-training

Thanks to Jennie, David, and all the trainers and members of CrossFit Montgomery for the motivation and inspiration to continue to maintain a high level of fitness and complete my fitness goals. Most of all, thank you for allowing me to be a part of the team! And by the way, the Pound for Pound (#4#) event in April was awesome! I challenge everyone to compete or volunteer for it in 2012…you will not be disappointed!

TJ Pruitt (June 2011)

Crossfit Montgomery pushed me to a higher level of health and fitness. I had been weightlifting for about 4-5 years and was at a standstill without progress. After joining Crossfit Montgomery, I quickly noticed gains and a tremendous loss in body fat. I recently moved to Birmingham and quickly realized that Crossfit Montgomery was not the average Crossfit gym. The atmosphere, facility, and people separate it from the rest.

Kelly Adams (June 2011)

I’ve been with David and Jennie since the very beginning – even before they got their AWESOME location (I like to call it a hybridized adult playground and torture chamber). The Crossfit Montgomery trainers really focus on ensuring you do the movements correctly and safely. With such focus on form, it naturally makes you stronger. They also place great emphasis on stretching and mobility. Finally, they really know how to modify or tailor the workout for each individual so that is challenging, but not impossible for your level of fitness.

Crossfit Montgomery provides an environment that is not only challenging, but fun! My fellow members not only challenge me to work harder and do better, but also are genuinely awesome to be around. Everyone is so positive and while there are friendly competitions, each person is thrilled when another member gets a new PR or accomplishes a goal.

For those people who are afraid of stopping by because they think it will be too hard – please don’t be scared! I’m what I would classify as a “normal” person…I’m not a super star athlete nor will I ever be. I’ll never compete in the Crossfit games, but I do make continuous progress in my own personal workout goals. The environment and workouts provided by Crossfit Montgomery are possible for anyone. (For you not-so-normal folks, don’t worry, there are the superman, elite-athlete types too!).

In short, you should stop by. You’ll be glad you did.

Barb Gill (June 2011)

I’m a relatively new member of CFM, and to the concept of CF. A friend repeatedly emailed me testimonials and articles with information and the benefits of CF. This was to encourage me to do something different to strengthen my run. I’m 48 years old, ran for years (since I was 11?) and hurt my knee badly while playing soccer in 2002 (ladies’ league while assigned in Turkey). My body was never the same; my run suffered terribly. I had become an injured or easily injured runner. I was always recovering. Knowing my love for running, I finally gave in and asked, “Which box should I try?” My friend’s answer, “I recommend CFM first, great trainers, they know their stuff.” I started Foundations in December 2010. Maybe they could help me? At that time, I was recovering from knee pain. I was supposed to start in January, but met David and Jennie at the Jingle Bell Run, I was ready to start that day and I did!

Has my run become stronger? Yes, of course. My whole body is getting stronger. BUT, I found something else that I was NOT looking for or expecting. I discovered a whole new world – crazy people like me! People concerned about their health, increasing their strength and pushing their comfort zone! People who are also normal, (I expected a group of elites that would be intimidating—although there are some elites, I love working out with them!) There is the entire spectrum of members new to physical workouts to those who I call elite; everyone encourages each other to do ONE MORE! What started as “Well, I’ll give it a try…” has turned into MY Boneyard with lots of new friends and very experienced, concerned, and encouraging trainers…personal trainers. What an awesome package! How can a person not improve?

After 27 years in the military, running all my life and being a gym member at several different gyms I thought I knew everything about physical fitness. Each time I’m at the Boneyard I learn something new to help me become more fit, stronger, and healthier! THANK YOU CFM and to my friend who hounded (encouraged) me with information about CF. I thought running was the only way to get a good workout. Add squats, lunges, pull ups, OHS, and on and on and WOW, my body is getting stronger. I’m getting more fit. I can feel the response in my muscles. I’ve recently attended David’s “Running Clinic” and am learning how to improve and strengthen my run. I have a couple half marathons scheduled this year and will continue to run but, it is no longer the obsession it was in the past (don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have a bad run than a good day at work). CFM takes you as you are and helps you to improve your level of fitness and strength. Thank you CFM! I’m staying!

Adrian Herrera (June 2011)

I joined CrossFit Montgomery while here for a PME for the Air Force (5 weeks). I first heard of CrossFit in San Diego with CrossFit East Village, and am a member of CrossFit Pensacola. I have dropped in for a WOD with CrossFit Ft Meade as well. With a decent knowledge in CrossFit, I can adequately say that CrossFit Montgomery was, hands down, the BEST experience I’ve had – and I always find myself coming back.

Price: The CFM price is the cheapest price out of any CrossFit gym you will ever go to. When I was here for ASBC, I was surprised on the price that the members pay, and how many services that CrossFit provides. It’s conveniently located downtown, which is about 10 minutes from Maxwell AFB.

Services: CFM provides way more than the average CrossFit gym, or any other gym for that matter. Along with normal WODs, they include a strength-centered workout called “Underground Stength” which tests your strength and conditioning beyond a normal WOD. Additionally, I attended a couple running courses to help improve my 5k. Jennie also showed me so many more dynamic stretches which helped with my knee (have prior knee problems). I also had a lot of diet recommendations, and I managed to lose a good amount of weight. Not to mention, all of the social events…

Atmosphere: CFM is located in a perfect place. It is a warehouse style gym which includes many pull up bars, ropes for climbing, areas to run freely, tires, and enough room to kettlebell swing till your back breaks. As far as membership, the CFM members are some of the best and friendliest people that I ever worked with. They will yell and push you during your WOD, but will not forget to make you stretch out after so that you don’t cry in agony because you are so sore. And that’s only the members. The owners are very amiable; they were excited to put on additional social events outside of CFM to create a strong “family” atmosphere at that gym. I definitely miss that, and I still keep in touch with a lot of the members of the gym, even though I am not there.

Benefits for me: I did a USAF PFA when I arrived to Montgomery, and I did one after I left. All I did was CrossFit, (no running), and my run time went down a minute, my 5k time run was in the top half of the class, and my overall PFA jumped up over 5 points. The diet I began in Montgomery stayed with me in Pensacola, and I did lose weight. My form became way better when I got back to my CF gym. Finally, I got involved with CrossFit competitions, and many of the CFM members will be there to help motivate me on my first competition WOD.

Anyone new to CrossFit: CFM is the best place to begin your CrossFit experience. The owners are very strict on form, technique, and stretching, which helped me come a LONG way. They understand and work with any limitations, but are definitely good at being able to test your limits, and reach beyond what you think you can reach. Once you join, you will quickly realize that you are now apart of a “family,” which makes this gym different than any other regular or CF gym.

I will definitely be back to CFM during SOS, ACSC, and any other TDY that I ever take to Maxwell.

Tina Fletcher (May 2011)
Jennie asked a question ” What is your goal that you want to reach?” I said ” Not look 40!” Her reply: “Okay” with a laugh.

I started doing Crossfit in August 2010 and never looked back at another workout program. Since August, I have added more muscle and the ability to move more weight than I ever thought I could!

I love our trainers; they gently get you to do more weight, getting to push you to your max effort every time. They’re AWESOME! David, Jennie, Cody and Britt, it has been a pleasure being able to train with you all. I’ll be sad to say good-bye!

If your passing through or staying, there aren’t enough words to say what a great box/gym that you will get in Crossfit Montgomery. The people and the trainers are just amazing.

Chris Katechis (March 2011)
CrossFit Montgomery is…, well in one word, Incredible, but it’s way more than that—looks can be deceiving. It looks primal, industrial, or like you walked into a machine shop. It’s an adults’ playground with monkey bars (“Boneyard Back Bone”), tires, slam balls, and barbells! In 6 months I have accomplished more than I have in 2 years, and I know so much more about what true fitness is.

I have tried it all—from Gravity Glide to Insanity to Bench Press/Leg Press workouts to Y Boot Camps—none of that compares to what I have done through CrossFit Montgomery/41 Fitness at “The Boneyard.” The list of things I have learned is endless: POSE running, deadlifts, muscle-up progressions, toe-to-bars, from jumping pull-ups to full unassisted pull-ups, burpee broad jumps/thrusters/cleans/snatches, front/Zercher/back/box squats, bear complexes, full GHD situps, and the list goes on and on. You never stop learning about what your body needs when you come to CrossFit Montgomery!

I now adhere to a daily mobility Workout of the Day (WOD) which keeps me highly flexible and loose. I adhere as closely as I can to a more natural diet which has produced incredible results as more and more of my energy is derived from fat instead of carbs.

Through 6 months of doing CrossFit 5 days per week (3 days on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off) these are my accomplishments:

  • First 5K ran and nearly under 30 minutes with POSE running
  • Deadlift 1½ times my body weight
  • 10 unbroken/unassisted pull-ups
  • Non-modified push-ups
  • Handstand push-up (needs more work)
  • 25 pounds lost
  • Continually growing knowledge of form on more than 20 different kettlebell/barbell lifts/moves
  • 2 times competing as an athlete, and registered to compete 1 more time

If you are looking to be in the absolute best physical/mental/psychological condition to be able to handle whatever the world throws at you—you need to get to CrossFit Montgomery. The camaraderie there is addicting. David/Jennie/Britt/Cody are excellent trainers and the results are life changing.

There is nothing that comes close to constantly varied, functional fitness, across broad time and modal domains that you can get from CrossFit Montgomery. Next month I’m going for training for a Level 1 CrossFit Seminar to better know and understand the realm of CrossFit—to help more people see what I see.

Alex Pedersen (December 2010)

I have been an avid crossfitter since 2006 and I can say that the two months I spent at the Boneyard were my best two months of Crossfit. In the last four years, I have never had more fun or experienced better performance gains. David and Jennie are great trainers – incredibly knowledgeable about everything from nutrition to Olympic lifts – and outstanding motivators.

The Boneyard itself is a creative blend of Crossfit equipment and some more traditional functional fitness gear. Sometimes when you’ve had a bad day on the Concept II it just feels good to slam a giant tire with a sledgehammer.

I had done Crossfit by myself or with a buddy for a long time and was generally happy with my workouts. But whether you’re just getting into Crossfit or have been doing it for years, I can honestly tell you that there is no replacement for doing the workout with an awesome group of people, being led by talented trainers, with the right equipment, and in a warehouse rightfully named the Boneyard. Check out Crossfit Montgomery – I’m glad I did!

Troy Hammond (November 2010)

Recently I had the fortunate opportunity to spend a month training with David and Jennie while on a trip to Montgomery. What a great experience! I was immediately welcomed into their box and, as a fellow affiliate owner, I can tell you these two really know their stuff. More than that, they’ve really got something special going on there.

David and Jennie truly love training and it shows. Their passion infuses everything they do. They are always willing to help. They will meet you wherever you are in your fitness journey and help you along. What is really cool is that they have found that magic balance between pushy and encouraging. They will not let you slack on the things that matter or lie to yourself but they also will not yell at you either. Very encouraging! It’s like being trained by a close, honest friend, not a football coach or drill instructor.

I loved training at the boneyard and will be back next time I’m in the area. If you want to get fit, and I mean really fit, join David and Jennie at CrossFit Montgomery.

Chris & Jami Johnson (October 2010)

CrossFit Montgomery can be summed up into one word: AWESOME! David and Jennie are both really personable and really helped to motivate my wife and I through the workouts. I would also like to point out that when we first started attending the foundations classes, my wife was very skeptical of CrossFit, but by the time we left she secretly admitted to me that if she didn’t do a CrossFit workout she didn’t really feel that she had really worked out.

Not only are Jennie and David great trainers the other members are awesome, and really help you to push through to the end of some of the more challenging workouts. I was only able to workout there for about a month due to the Air Force training cycle, but I can honestly say that it was a blast and I would recommend CrossFit Montgomery to anyone!

Thomas Beasley (September 2010)

“I was introduced to CrossFit Montgomery, formerly 41Fitness, by a friend of mine while attending Air and Space Basic Course at Maxwell AFB, and was instantly part of the family. Jennie and David were extremely friendly and excited to work with me. I had some previous experience with Crossfit training but had never had the opportunity to work out in a true Crossfit facility. The Boneyard is like a playground for adults. I especially enjoyed dragging and flipping tires and climbing ropes. The warehouse setting definitely adds to the experience.”

“Both David and Jennie helped improve my mechanics. During my short time there I did my first muscle up, and increased my flexibility through mobility drills with Jennie.”

“I highly recommend CrossFit Montgomery to anyone who is looking to be in the best shape they can possible be in and to work with friendly, enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable trainers. I know I will stop by every time I am in Montgomery!”

Michael (June 2010)

“David and Jennie at 41Fitness [CrossFit Montgomery] have a top-notch program running. Not only do they have a great facility to work out at with all the monkey bars and crazy tires and stuff that would keep little kids entertained for hours, but they’re both great coaches. I knew every time I came, I would get a great workout. Beyond that, they helped me immensely with mobility exercises and stretches to improve my flexibility. They even gave me practical ways to deal with my shoulder issues.”

CJ Hincy (February 2010)

“My name is CJ and I’ve been working out at 41Fitness [CrossFit Montgomery] for about 3 months now. I was referred to 41Fitness by some fellow YMCA’ers who noticed me doing a CrossFit workout one morning. While I felt I was making some decent gains doing my standard workouts occasionally integrating a Crossfit workout, I was very intrigued by the opportunity to observe the benefits of working out at an actual gym dedicated to the CrossFit discipline.”

“I called and spoke with Jennie and she invited me to come by as soon as my schedule allowed so she could show me around The Boneyard and talk me through how 41Fitness [CrossFit Montgomery] would use CrossFit and Underground Strength methodologies, mixing weightlifting, gymnastic, and mono-structural movements in constantly varied combinations, to help me achieve my workout and performance goals.”

“I went by for my first visit on a Saturday and was sold as soon as I laid eyes on the renovated warehouse full of ropes, rings, pull-up bars, kettlebells, etc. I’ve since come to think of these gadgets as medieval devices of torture. I spent a couple of hours re-learning exercises from David that I’d been performing incorrectly for years and I began the “workout of the day” the following Monday.”

“Not only have I become stronger, quicker and more agile, I’ve done so under the certified CrossFit guidance of both Jennie and David …which has reduced my exposure to injury and has pushed me to limits I haven’t achieved since I left the military. I’ve also cut down on the monotony and time of my workouts and I’ve developed a genuine spirit of competitive camaraderie with my fellow 41Fitness’ers.”

“I strongly recommend 41Fitness to anyone looking to improve their overall fitness at any level and I look forward to sweating with you at The Boneyard as soon as you join up!”

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I’ve been working out at the Boneyard since November of ’09. My main interest is the Underground Strength program. David takes a personal interest in the member’s needs when he’s designing these workouts.

I play rugby on Saturdays, so he will keep that in mind when I come in. I need to be ready to go on Saturday and Dave’s workouts really help!

Jennie helps out a lot in correcting my form while I’m working out. I’ve learned a ton about improving my squatting form from her. Push that right knee out!

Thanks to both of you. You’re doing a great job!


I attended training at Maxwell AFB for 4 wks in Nov-10. While there, I hooked up with CrossFit Montgomery.

Jen & Dave, the owners, welcomed me into their box in a traditional open arms CrossFitting community style way. Very family oriented environment.

They’re extremely military friendly in the sense that, a lot of military in the area are passing through. As such, are in desperate need of box to train at, at affordable prices.

I researched all the boxes in the area, and CrossFit Montgomery was the only box that catered to military members passing through.

All their trainers are experienced and certified. If you’re looking for a CrossFit box in Montgomery, look no further…this is the BEST in the area!


My name is Jerred and I worked out at CrossFit Montgomery during my stay in Alabama during the Air Force’s temporary assignment, ASBC. I have been a serious CrossFitter for a little over a year now and even got a chance to compete in the 2011 CrossFit Games Open because of their new format. I am a garage gym-er who always does CrossFit alone in my own little box so CrossFit Montgomery was a GREAT experience for me.

The Atmosphere:
This is one of the best things about CrossFit Montgomery. All of the “regulars” are super friendly and we knew each other’s names within a couple days. You also develop an immediate friendship with all the trainers and they are great to be around. It is great to have people surrounding you pushing you harder and encouraging you each day.

The Training:
I had never been trained a day in my life until I got to CrossFit Montgomery. I have always taught myself everything through videos and reading. The trainers at CrossFit Montgomery helped me a lot! I had the basics down for a lot of the movements, but they brought me to that next level with my form and overall knowledge.

Here’s a for instance….
I had recently maxed out my Overhead Squat in my garage gym before heading to Montgomery. My max overhead squat was 185lbs. I think it was my first week at CrossFit Montgomery and they happen to have a 1-1-1-1-1 max overhead squat listed as the WOD. I figured I would put on 185, maybe try 190 and see what happens since I had just maxed it out in the previous week. I worked my way up to 185lbs and Jennie watched me barely struggle through the rep and get my 185lb max out. She worked with me one on one and told me if we corrected my form I could probably lift a lot more. She videotaped my squats and showed me what I could be doing better. She only had to work with me for about 10 minutes, and two, 1 rep max overhead squat attempts later I had overhead squatted 205lbs!!!!!! I did not see this as a strength gain at all!! I think Jennie’s training ALONE unleashed my true potential and added 20lbs to my max overhead squat! Thanks again Jennie! I’m at 225lbs today!

Overall CrossFit Montgomery was a great experience. I even incorporate their underground strength training in my garage gym today. They have great programming and I learned a lot. A great place to get some CrossFit temporarily or permanently…I miss working out at a box…at their box.

I started CrossFit with a friend to support her and I wasn’t sure that I really wanted to do it. Since starting, I’ve gone from a 36 inch waist to a 32 in two months. My 5K times have decreased and I have done things that I thought a 51 year old man could never do. David, Jennie, Greg and the other instructors are great. Don’t let Jennie’s size fool you. She will work you into the ground and take no prisoners. Haha. I love working out here and could not imagine being without CrossFit in my life. If you are looking for a life changing experience, then come on down and join the family. Yes, it’s just like a family here and I guarantee you will love it.

I can’t say enough good things about Dave and Jennie and the family at CF Montgomery! I love these guys! There are a lot of folks out there glamming onto the CF “swell”, and many of them talk a good game but are not fundamentally qualified; Dave and Jennie and the coaches at CF Montgomery take their responsibilities seriously (but themselves!) and it was and is a pleasure and an honor to coach with them and, frankly to be their friend. If you still think fun belongs in your workout and you want no BS-oriented coaching and training, head straight over to the Boneyard!

I was a visitor at CF Montgomery for almost 2 months. This was the first affiliate that I had ever worked out in and I loved every minute of it. After I paid the drop in fee on day one, I signed up for monthly unlimited before I left the session. From there, I was there 5 days a week having a blast. There is nothing more powerful than having fun with a bunch of like-minded individuals. CF Montgomery has great coaches and they really emphasize proper warm-up, stretching, and overall form before setting any time or weight records. Thank you to coaches David, Mike, Jennie, Greg, and Cody for all the great lessons, competitive workouts, and great times.

I was fortunate enough to join CFM for the two months I was down attending an Air Force course. I have always been obsessed with fitness and at the beginning of this year I really started to dig into crossfit and learn what it was all about. After being convinced by my fellow co-workers to try out in the open this year I completely fell in love with this sport. In college and high school I was a Track and Field athlete and have continued running over the past 8 years, but like most, I had gotten burned out and was looking for something new. Jennie and Dave welcomed smyelf and many members of the SOS course with open arms and we hit the ground running. Every coach that worked with us at CFM was very knowledgeable and made each workout memorable and worth while. I was about to see changes in just two months in my body that I had only dreamed of before. I also also to make new friends in the area who I hope to keep in touch with in the future. Every person at CFM has the same goal and that is to live a healthy lifestyle and better themselves both physically and mentally. It was such a treat to surround myself with these types of individuals who all wanted to work hard.

I would have to say that my favorite part about CFM was the unexpected. Even though you know what the workouts were before hand, you never know what crazy warm-up you were going to get and what new face was going to show up which made it fun. I looked forward to the 5:00pm class everyday and wish that we had a gym here in Enid! Hopefully we can get one soon!

Thanks CFM for making my interest in Crossfit that much more solid and allowing me to see a different side of myself which I love. I would recommend this gym to anyone who is looking to actually make a change in their life for the better!

Today is the three year anniversary of our time with CrossFit Montgomery (for Blake and myself)! Though we aren’t the ‘fittest on earth’, I can personally now do many things that include: unassisted pullups, correct pushups and can deadlift my husband’s body in case I need to carry him somewhere, etc…
Thank you for all the instruction and more so, for the encouragement and support that the CrossFit Montgomery community provides.

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