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Join us in welcoming new Coach Brandon King to our family of CFM coaches! Brandon has been a member of CrossFit Montgomery since the summer of 2011. Coming from a sports background, he was looking for something more than what the typical gym experience could offer. After seeing some videos and reading a few articles, he googled “CrossFit in Montgomery,” which led him to The Boneyard. He and his wife Jenna attended their first foundations class a week later and have been hooked ever since. “I really enjoyed the group-based classes. It really led to a feeling of community and encouragement which is hard to find in a lot of places. The movements and workouts we did were what I was used to from playing sports in high school and a little bit in college. Plus, I had fallen into a routine that lacked any kind of physical activity so it felt good to be doing something physical again. Whether that was picking up and putting down heavy things, body weight movements, running and rowing, or any combination of any of those things, I liked it all.”

Brandon recently became a CF Level-1 Trainer, and while the class was challenging, he felt prepared thanks to the fantastic coaching he had received from all the coaches at CFM. He wholeheartedly believes that everyone can do CrossFit, and encourages anyone who asks to come and try it out. Looking forward, he hopes to obtain more certifications in order to improve his knowledge and abilities as a coach.

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