CrossFit Workouts

2010-04-21 WOD

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3 rounds for time:
– 400m Run
– 21 KB Swings
– 12 Pullups

Underground Strength Workouts

2010-04-21 UGS

4 Rounds
1a. 3-5 Rope Climbs
1b. 5-8 Handstand Pushups

4 Rounds
2a. 10 Double Kettlebell Presses
2b. 10 Pullups

4 Rounds
3a. 50′ Alligator Pushups
3b. 10 KB Rows

100 Tread Chops

Strength Workouts

2010-04-20 Strength

Upper Body Max Effort
1. 3RM Floor Press
2. 3 x 5 Pullup
3. 4 x 15 Shrug

CrossFit Workouts

2010-04-20 WOD

For time:
– 500m Row
– 50 KB Swing
– 40 Pushups
– 30 Situps
– 20 Box Jumps
– 10 Burpees
– 500m Row

Underground Strength Workouts

2010-04-19 UGS

5 Rounds
1a. 5 Back Squats

4 Rounds
2a. Leg Blaster

4 Rounds
3a. 100′ Forward Tire Drag
3b. 100′ Reverse Tire Drag
3c. 100′ 5 Tire Flips

50 Weighted Situps

CrossFit Workouts

2010-04-19 WOD

Five rounds for time:
– 200m Sprint
– 10-8-6-4-2 Deadlift (225#/155#)

Strength Workouts

2010-04-19 Strength

Lower Body Max Effort
1. 5RM Good Morning
2. 5 x 3 Split Squats
3. 3 x 20 Dimmel Deadlift
4. 5 x 10 Weighted Situps

Community Events Rest Day

2010-04-18 Rest Day

Sunday is rest day at 41Fitness. 23:1 The ratio 23:1 represents 23 hours of free time (time spent not working out at The Boneyard) to your one hour workout (including warm-up, WOD, and stretching). That’s 23 hours that includes hydrating, eating (nutrition), sleeping (recovery), working, playing, etc.

Recovery is just as important as training. Your body needs time to replenish energy stores and repair damaged tissues. Recovery includes, but is not limited to: rest, sleep, hydration, good nutrition, stretching, self-massaging (using a foam roller), massage by a professional, and chiropractic care.

Weekly Announcements

– Weekly announcements are posted on Sunday. We email these announcements to those on our mailing list. If you want to receive our announcements and other updates, please email us at

– How many rounds of 7 KB Swings, 7 Burpees, and 7 Slam Balls can you do in 20 minutes? Seven people found out yesterday at the Boneyard during our Spring Saturday Open House event. Teams of two worked together – one member completing a round, while their partner gasped for air, counted, and cheered them on. We’d like to thank Jay and Brian H. for joining us.

– 41Fitness is hosting our LAST Spring Saturday event next Saturday on April 24 from 10 – noon. Join us for a free tour and a free workout. Spread the word.

– We will be ordering Summer apparel in a few weeks. Let us know if what clothing, e.g. short-sleeve tees, tank tops, shorts, you would be interesting in purchasing.

CrossFit Events Workouts

2010-04-17 Spring Saturday

After the 9th Annual Walk of Life, 41Fitness will be hosting a Spring Saturday event at The Boneyard. Join us for a free tour and a free workout from 10 a.m.-noon. If you plan to work out, be sure to wear comfortable clothes and good shoes.  You’ll be moving around and breaking a sweat.

We will be hosting our final open house event on Saturday, April 24.

Saturdays are open gym from 9:00 a.m. until noon. Members can come in to work on specific movements, particularly ones in which they need practice and further instruction. We will have a WOD that they can do or they can choose to do a WOD they missed this week.

CrossFit Workouts

2010-04-16 WOD

5 Rounds for time:
– 5 Cleans
– 10 Pullups
– 15 Box Jumps