CrossFit Workouts

2010-04-09 WOD

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– Thrusters (95#/65#)
– Pullups

Strength Workouts

2010-04-08 Strength

Upper Body Dynamic Effort
1. 8 x 3 Push Presses
2. 5 x 5 Weighted Pullups
3. 5 x 5 KB Presses
4. 5 x 10 Twisted Situps

CrossFit Workouts

2010-04-08 WOD

4 Rounds for Reps

W/R = :45/:15 each station:
– Row (Calories)
– Burpees
– Jump Rope
– Clean, Catch, Squat

Underground Strength Workouts

2010-04-07 UGS

4 Rounds
1a. 10 KB Snatch + Press
1b. Max Tactical Pullups

4 Rounds
2a. 10 Ring Pushups
2b. Max Ring Rows

4 Rounds
3a. 50′ Rope Pull
3b. 50′ Tire Presses

Strength Workouts

2010-04-06 Strength

Upper Body Max Effort
1. 3RM Floor Presses
2. 5 x 5 Barbell Rows
3. 5 x 10 KB Presses

CrossFit Workouts

2010-04-06 WOD

Courtesy of

30 Minutes, on the minute do:
– 5 Pullups
– 10 Pushups
– 15 Air Squats

Underground Strength Workouts

2010-04-05 UGS

5 Rounds
1a. 6 Front Squat
1b. 12 Box Jump

4 Rounds
2a. 8 Cleans
2b. 1 Suicide Run

3 Rounds
3a. 10 Hip Extensions
3b. 200′ Tire Drag

2 Rounds
4a. 50 Sledge Strikes
4b. 200′ Farmer’s Walk

Strength Workouts

2010-04-05 Strength

Lower Body Dynamic Effort
1. 3RM Sumo Deadlift
2. 5 x 5 Suspended Deadlifts
3. 5 x 5 Good Mornings
4. 5 x 10 Toes to Bar

CrossFit Workouts

2010-04-05 WOD

CrossFit Total

– Back Squat 3 x 1RM
– Press 3 x 1RM
– Deadlift 3 x 1RM

The sum of your best three attempts of the Back Squat, Shoulder Press, and Deadlift is your CrossFit Total.

Post your Total to comments.

Community Events Nutrition Rest Day

2010-04-04 Rest Day

We hope you and yours had a great weekend and a happy Easter!  Be sure to make it in to The Boneyard tomorrow.  We’re doing CrossFit Total.

Weekly Announcements

– Yesterday was our second Spring Saturday. We’d like to thank Rebekah and Leah for visiting The Boneyard.  We look forward to seeing them working out at the gym soon!  41Fitness is hosting Spring Saturday events every Saturday in April.  Join us for a free tour and a free workout next Saturday, April 10.  And feel free to spread the word.

– Join 41Fitness for the following upcoming events:  Montgomery Biscuits vs. Mobile Bay Bears – Opening Night with MAX Fireworks Spectacular! on Thursday, April 8, “Bite The Tail Off Cancer” Crawfish Boil on Saturday, April 10 and the 9th Annual Walk of Life on Saturday, April 17.  For more information, visit our Events page.  Note:  The Boneyard will be open as usual from 9:00 a.m. until noon on both Saturdays.

– Today begins the final week of our 100-Day Nutrition Challenge.  For those of you who participated in the Paleo Challenge and/or are interested in learning more about the Zone Diet, we’ll be discussing the challenge and Zone Diet with you at The Boneyard this week.

– 41Fitness owner/trainer Jennifer “Jennie” Sumner is the Social Media Coordinator for the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH).  Her job at ADPH has provided her with a few opportunities to speak about functional fitness. On March 10, Jennie appeared on WSFA News to speak about Scale Back Alabama, a 10-week statewide weight-loss contest to encourage Alabamians to eat healthier and exercise. Watch the video.  On March 17, she appeared on a panel discussing combating obesity with nutrition and physical fitness.  Watch the Webcast.  And recently, she spoke to a group of 40 women at the Montgomery Women’s Facility about nutrition and physical activity.

– Congrats to 41Fitness member Pete Russell and the Montgomery Yellowhammers Rugby Football Club who defeated the Atlanta Renegades 46-5 on Saturday.  What a great way to end their undefeated season!  Join their Facebook group to receive updates.

– 41Fitness member Sam Ivery is selling Mary Kay.  If you are interested in purchasing products, let us know and we’ll give you her contact information.

A message to our members: Rest today, for training starts again tomorrow.