Underground Strength Workouts

2009-11-04 UGS WOD

Week 1
Lower Body (LB)

5 Rounds:
1a. 10 Double Kettlebell Front Squat
1b. Suicide Runs

5 Rounds:
2a. 10 Lunge Jumps
2b. 6 Double Kettlebell Cleans

3 Rounds:
3a. 200′ Tire Drag
3b. 10 Weighted Back Extension

4 Rounds:
– 200′ Tire Drag

1 Round:
-50 GHDs or 50 Weighted Situps

CrossFit Workouts

2009-11-03 WOD

5 x 3 Deadlifts

2k Row or 4 x 400m Sprints

Underground Strength Workouts

2009-11-02 UGS WOD

Week 1
Full Body (FB)

5 Rounds:
1a. 5 KB Clean and Press
1b. 10-15 KB Rows

3 Rounds:
2a. Max Reps Ring Pushups
2b. Max Reps Ring Rows

4 Rounds:
200′ Tire Drag

3 Rounds:
10 Knees to Elbows

CrossFit Workouts

2009-11-02 WOD

Tabata Something Else
courtesy of

For Reps (count all reps)
– 8 Rounds of 20/10 Pullups
– 8 Rounds of 20/10 Pushups
– 8 Rounds of 20/10 Situps
– 8 Rounds of 20/10 Air Squats

(20/10 = 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest)


Open House

We will be at The Boneyard during our regularly scheduled hours starting tomorrow, Monday, November 2.  For those of you who were unable to attend the Grand Opening, feel free to drop in to take a tour.

CrossFit Events Underground Strength Workouts

Grand Opening

Today was our grand opening and it went well.  We gave away a lot of door prizes, talked to some new and old friends, and had two really good workouts.

Thanks to those who attended and to those who donated door prizes.  41Fitness appreciates your interest and support!

Our doors open at 6:00 a.m. on Monday morning.  Don’t forget to set your clocks back.

41Fitness wishes all a fun and safe Halloween night!

Fight Gone Filthy
Work for one minute at each station; rest one minute between 5th and 6th station.

– Box Jump
– Jumping Pullups
– Kettlebell Swings
– Walking Lunge
– Knees to Elbows
– Push Press
– Back Extensions
– Wall Ball
– Burpees
– Double Unders

Team Underground Strength
Two teams, five minutes at each station. Count rounds completed of tire pull and drag (down and back equals one round) and 100ft farmer’s walk.

Station 1
1a. Tire Pull
1b. Tire Drag

Station 2
2a. Farmer’s Walk
2b. Sledge Strikes

Foundations Workouts

Foundations WOD

– Row 500m
– 50 KB Swings
– 40 Air Squats
– 30 Push Press
– 20 Wall Ball
– 10 Burpees

Foundations Workouts

Foundations WOD

AMRAP – 15 Minutes
– 6 Jumping Pullups
– 6 KB Swings
– 6 Burpees/Squat Thrusts

CrossFit Workouts

2009-10-24 WOD

3 Minutes AMRAP, 1 Minute Rest, Five Rounds
– 3 Power Cleans (135lb, 95lb)
– 6 Pushups
– 9 Air Squats

Foundations Workouts

Foundations WOD

Stations (45 secs work, 15 secs rest)
Four times at each station, eight minutes total
– Press, Push Press (barbell or kettlebell)
– Kettlebell Swing