Ask your coach about our in-house competition

When – September 19th starting at 9:00a
Where – CFM
What – In-house partner competition to have some fun and meet some new friends. All wods will be doable with Rx, Scaled, and Beginner levels
Why – Due to the postponing of #4#, and all the new faces we have in the gym, we thought this would be a fun activity to host!

CrossFit Montgomery – CF

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if you’re participating in the event tomorrow, consider doing the recovery workout.

also, if you’re just feeling kind of worn down from the week, you can do the recovery workout as well.

Metcon (No Measure)

26:00 steady work

rotating between

2:00 monostructural work (row/run/bike/

2:00 stretching or foam roll

Make Up WOD

make up one of the workouts from M-Th

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