Ask your coach about our in-house competition

When – September 19th starting at 9:00a
Where – CFM
What – In-house partner competition to have some fun and meet some new friends. All wods will be doable with Rx, Scaled, and Beginner levels
Why – Due to the postponing of #4#, and all the new faces we have in the gym, we thought this would be a fun activity to host!

CrossFit Montgomery – CF

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Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

14:00 Alternating EMOM


Even Rounds: Hand Release Push-ups

Odd Rounds: *Box Jump Overs (24/20 inch box)


Even Rounds: Clapping Push-ups (push up with one clap at the top)

Odd Rounds: Weighted Step Ups (24/20in box) (50/35#) dumbbell

*step overs are Rx, as long as both feet touch the top of the box, and both feet touch the ground on either side of the box

*score is total reps

*for Rx+ – must do at least 1 rep of each movement, each round.

Aerobic Conditioner

choose A, B, or C

A: Metcon (Distance)

10:00 Moderate Pace Run

run at a pace you can maintain the full 10:00

B: Metcon (Distance)

10:00 Moderate Pace Row

row at a pace you can maintain the full 10:00

C: Metcon (Distance)

10:00 Bike at moderate pace

bike at a pace you can maintain for the full 10:00

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