Ask your coach about our in-house competition

When – September 19th starting at 9:00a
Where – CFM
What – In-house partner competition to have some fun and meet some new friends. All wods will be doable with Rx, Scaled, and Beginner levels
Why – Due to the postponing of #4#, and all the new faces we have in the gym, we thought this would be a fun activity to host!

CrossFit Montgomery – CF

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2 mins general warm up

3-5 squat specific warm-up

5-7 minutes warm-up with barbell and weights for back squats


if weight feels “light” for any of the movements, focus on speed out of the bottom of the squat.

2 minute rest between A, B, and C

A: Back Squat (1/1/1/1/1)


start around 70-75% of 1 rep and increase as possible.

not necessarily going for a 1 rep today, but we are trying to get used to being under a heavy bar.

B: Back Squat (3/3/3/3)

E2MOM starting at 70% of heaviest weight in part A

C: Back Squat (5/5/5)

E2MOM starting at 60% of heaviest from part A


kinda feel like a bunch of heavy squats is a good day.

for the remainder of class focus on some mobility (foam rolling, couch stretch) and getting to know your class mates.

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