Ask your coach about our in-house competition

When – September 19th starting at 9:00a
Where – CFM
What – In-house oartner competition to have some fun and meet some new friends. All wods will be doable with Rx, Scaled, and Beginner levels
Why – Due to the postponing of #4#, and all the new faces we have in the gym, we thought this would be a fun activity to host!

CrossFit Montgomery – CF

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Underground Strength

12:00 to complete.

Weighted Pull-ups (3/3/3/2/2/1/1/1)

score is heaviest 1 rep of weighted pull-up

pull-ups must be strict.

If you can do 1 strict pull-up, but no weight do the following

5×5 pull-up negatives (jump to the top, then slowly descend down)

If you can do 2 unbroken strict pull-ups, do banded on the sets of 3, then drop to strict pull-ups, then try for a little bit of weight on the sets of 1

If you do not have strict pull-ups, do 5×5 strict banded pullups, 5×5 strict ring rows, or 5×5 elevated ringrows.

Metcon (Weight)

24:00 of steady work:

Each round consists of-

*50m Offset kb carry – one KB in front rack, one Kb overhead

*50m double front rack KB carry – both KBs in the front rack

50m double overhead KB carry – both KBs overhead in strong position

250m row or 200m run at a steady pace

*15 weighted step ups (can use kb or dumbell)

*10 tactical lunges

20 hollow rocks or 10 GHDs

250m row or 200m run

*score combined weight from the 4 starred movements above that you completed in one round.

on row or run and on the hollow rock or GHDs, athletes can choose which one they do each round.

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